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Pet Branding

Logos, graphic design, & web design 

Pet Branding

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Are you looking for help with branding a pet business or freshening up an existing one?

Years of experience and a passion for growing pet brands make for an incredible combination.

work with the official logo + menu designer for

Paramount's hit TV show, Bar Rescue

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My pricing is fair and affordable.

You will be working with an agency-trained designer without the high cost.

Communication is my superpower.

Call me, email me or text me. I am not the disappearing designer. I am here for the long haul.

I am reliable.

I do what I say I am going to do. I won’t deliver half-baked projects or flake out on you.

This is not a design factory.

I spend one-on-one time with every client I have, and build a personal relationship with each one.


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Gregory Wallace
Gregory Wallace
Jen did a great job! She was super easy to work with and really captured my vision. Great experience and great work. Thanks Jen
Gianna Elms
Gianna Elms
I am so grateful for my experience with Jen Chapman Creative! Jen worked so hard to help me get two websites launched in a very short time and for a very reasonable price! In addition, Jen also helped me with multiple logo designs, a brochure for a speaking engagement that was very time sensitive, and even more graphic design work. Her team of developers are also great with accessibility for websites, SEO, and specialized coding for really making a template look custom! I cannot thank Jen Chapman Creative enough for helping me to spread the word about the work that I do. Jen is a super talented artist, who has an eye for color. I have officially named her my, Branding Specialist! I highly recommend Jen Chapman Creative and her team for all of your graphic design and web development needs!
Julie Camp
Julie Camp
Jen is working with me for our school website. She is quick, efficient and creative. I'm very happy that I have found her. Looking forward to collaborating with her more.
Irma Montano
Irma Montano
Jen has been a One-Stop-Shop for my business needs. She created my website, logo, and is now creating business cards. She is efficient and timely. I cannot express the effective communication and attention to detail Jen has had with my project. Thank you, Jen! Affinity Accounting Services
Amy Quesenberry
Amy Quesenberry
Jen is fantastic, clever, creative and has reasonable prices. I send her an email, let her know what I need, and she always exceeds my expectations. She created a new logo and business card for me, and two different fliers promoting a workshop. Her delivery times are fantastic too!
Alisa Ardavin
Alisa Ardavin
Jen has been absolutely amazing! Her attention to detail, creativity, and response time is wonderful. As I started to slack on my response time, she would give me a gentle nudge! Since we started working together to rebuild our company website, we have expanded our relationship to include a storefront, forms, and hidden/password protected pages. I would highly recommend Jen and will definitely continue to use her services.
Great experience getting Jen to design my logo ! Already wanting to get my next logo project done by Jen!
Kenneth Barker
Kenneth Barker
I had the pleasure of working with Jen on multiple projects over the last 4 years and she is amazing. Jen is a very talented and creates really amazing designs. She is very responsive and supportive. I would recommend Jen Chapman Creative for all your design and website needs.
Jen is a pleasure to work with! She is a jack of all trades regarding business branding and is extremely thorough. Best freelance designer in the Phoenix area, no competition.

Let’s Talk

Book a 1-on-1 Design Call with Jen


  • Questions you may have about how and where to get started with pet business branding process, materials, and website
  • A review of where your branding and materials are currently at, and how we can make them better
  • Identify where you need help creating a successful pet brand
  • Best practices for making your pet business website Google friendly
  • How and why consistency in your branding and messaging matters



  • 3 Logo designs to choose from
  • 2 rounds of edits/changes
  • All final files delivered



  • 2 designs to choose from
  • 8.5×11 or 11×7 double-sided
  • Up to 50 menu items
  • All final print files provided



  • Using a WordPress theme
  • Mobile responsive
  • 5-10 pages
  • Login passwords and training provided so you can make future edits
  • Full menu added to the website so it’s easy for customers to read on their phones

Building a pet brand typically begins with the design basics, where we will create the perfect look and logo to entice consumers. Once we have an aesthetic for your pet brand, we’ll move on to the website and other advertising materials. Pet owners usually want rich, insightful information about new businesses before determining a good fit, and your website is a great place for that. Content marketing through the site provides clients and customers a place to easily find information about your brand, drawing them in and highlighting the best features. 

Additional add-ons to give your pet brand strategy an extra boost include a monthly SEO package or professional content marketing for any or all of the above items. If a full branding package is currently out of reach, we can always approach projects a la carte. With the right marketing efforts, we’ll have your pet brand drawing clients in no time!

Yes, you can purchase any of my pet branding services separately to accommodate your needs or package them together. I allow businesses to choose which brand elements go into each package, offering affordable marketing and advertisement services. Review my website portfolio for logo design, business card design, brochure design, flyer design, and website design, to develop your brand identity and reach your target consumers.

In most cases, starting a new pet brand takes a lot of time, effort, and networking, but it all starts with the design basics. Your logo design is the heart of your business and should create a lasting impression on customers, which is why it’s the perfect place to start. I like to begin with the logo design worksheet, which asks a series of questions to help narrow the spectrum of what you’re looking for when designing your logo. This lets us focus on the styles and color palettes that fit your pet brand and will effectively draw customers in. During this process, we will pin down your general color preferences, typography, and other design elements to be used in other branding materials.

After you are completely satisfied with the look of your pet brand logo, we begin designing other branding elements such as brochures, business cards, pamphlets,  and other physical materials. Of course, your website will be critical for your brand, too. Ready to start driving sales and enriching pets? Schedule a call and let’s figure out the best ways to reach potential customers.

Creating the materials for your pet business typically takes between two and four weeks, depending on what you would like to start with. Keep in mind that once your pet brand has its website, logo, business cards, and other branding materials, you still need an audience. 

Pet owners are notoriously selective and apprehensive of new pet products or services. To show them why you are trustworthy and beneficial to their pet, you need a strong brand voice. Continuous and well-rounded marketing efforts will likely be needed to reach your customers. Creating a blog post in your free time, collecting positive reviews, and producing social media content can help you reach the right customers but there’s always more that you can do to promote your company. Let’s chat about online marketing and advertising to create a thriving pet brand.