Small Business? Entrepreneur?
Start Up? Need a Great Design Partner?

You are my people. I've got you.

Small Business? Entrepreneur?
Start Up? Need a Great Design Partner?

You are my people. I've got you.

Phoenix Website Design with a Creative Touch

Website design is more than just filling in boxes and changing colors. It is analyzing the layout, the design, and the visuals. Most web companies are just developers-with no creative intuition. They function like robots-filling in boxes and clicking save with no consideration for the design and how that interacts with your branding. Work with a DESIGNER that treats each project as a unique case, because your business deserves that creative care.

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Why Choose Jen Chapman Creative?

My pricing is fair and affordable.

You will be working with an agency trained designer without the high cost.

Communication is my superpower.

Call me, email me or text me. I am not the disappearing designer. I am here for the long haul.

I am reliable.

I do what I say I am going to do. I won’t deliver half baked projects or flake out on you.

This is not a design factory.

I spend one-on-one time with every client I have, and build a personal relationship with each one.

Custom Logo Design in Phoenix

Starting a new business? Refreshing an existing one? Let’s get to work on your Phoenix logo design. 

Check out my past logo design projects!

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Phoenix Freelance Graphic Designer

Do you need a consistent, branded look for your marketing materials? I can help build your brand or ENHANCE the one you have.

See some of my previous freelance graphic design projects:

Will My Business Benefit From a New Web Design?

Is your website failing to get you leads and conversions? It may be time for a website redesign. Design DOES matter, and today’s consumers have an eye for design. If your website is old, outdated, or looks homemade, that is a bad reflection on your business and leaves the viewer with a poor impression of your business. Would you want to work with a business whose website looks like their cousin did it for them? No? Then it’s time to get to work.

Website design that works can:

Improve customer communication

Get new customers

Increase conversion rates

Improve your SEO

Maximize site views

Book your 30 minute design call

Some example topics we may cover:

  • Questions you may have about how and where to get started with your business branding, materials, and website
  • A review of where your branding and materials are currently at, and how we can make them better
  • Which web design service makes the most sense for you and the differences between them
  • Best practices for making your website Google friendly
  • How and why consistency in your branding and messaging matters

What Businesses Can Benefit From a Fresh Phoenix Web Design?

Health Care Services

Retail Shops


Bars, Restaurants & Cafés



Who is Jen Chapman?

Jen Chapman is a seasoned Phoenix-based web design expert that was born and raised in Ohio before moving to Arizona in 2011. She spent the first 10 years of her career working for various design firms and advertising agencies before starting her own business in 2011. The experience she gained with web design companies let her take what traditional web designers do and bring something better to Phoenix, AZ. Now, Jen is a full-service marketing specialist who offers everything from design and development services to branding and marketing.


I love WordPress web design for so many reasons, but for the sake of not ranting I’ll keep my explanation:

It’s easy for YOU to edit when I am all done, so you don’t need a web design team to keep your site updated.

I have two top goals when designing and developing a website.

To provide you with a stunning website that attracts new customers and compels them to call you.

To hand off a user-friendly website that you have the ability to edit and manage without having to hire a web design company. I will provide you with training and documentation so that you can edit content, add new images, pages, and new blog posts as much or as little as you please.

It’s easy to customize.

Unlike some of the platforms out there such as GoDaddy web builder, SquareSpace, or Wix, WordPress gives you the ability to design whatever you want; however, you want it. This is a designer’s dream come true!

You are not confined to what shape box or how big your logo can be. My FAVORITE thing to do is to design a custom WordPress website design. This allows me to create a completely unique, one-of-a-kind design that is exclusively for YOUR brand and YOUR content.

Google Loves WordPress.

You aren’t just building your website for fun. You are creating your website as a way to acquire new customers and to be found online. The best way to do this is to hold hands with the search engines and make Google your friend.

WordPress gives you complete control over your page titles, descriptions, meta tags, and more. It also has a plethora of plugins available to dive deeper into your search engine optimization strategy so you can maximize your impact on a page-by-page basis for your targeted keywords. If you are planning to stick with a digital strategy, WordPress is ideal.

Lastly, WordPress allows you to have a blog, which is a perfect tool for adding fresh, new content to your site, so your website is not viewed as outdated or stale by Google. With frequent blog posts, you can spread valuable information to customers and increase website traffic by blogging about relevant search terms. 

Absolutely. EVERY site that I design and develop is mobile responsive. Interactive websites that have mobile optimization are an industry standard for any web design in 2021. If your current site is NOT responsive you are losing business and credibility with Google. Google now ranks websites higher that are mobile responsive and follow the guidelines that go along with that (example size of text on a mobile device), so there is no way to achieve conversion optimization without superior responsiveness.

Consumers are now trained for this as well. People will not take the time to pinch and zoom so they can read your text or find your contact info on an outdated website that’s only designed for a desktop computer. They will simply move on and find your competitor instead if your web design isn’t user-friendly. Your Phoenix, AZ customers demand a responsive, informational web design, and that takes experienced web development and the perfect touch from professional designers.


Themes are a good choice if you:

  • Your website needs to be done quickly (It takes about 2 weeks)
  • Need a beautiful website, but at a lower cost (Theme setup is $1750)
  • A design that is already complete and is geared to appeal to the masses
  • Don’t mind that many other businesses will be using this theme as well

There are thousands and thousands of web design themes out there to choose from for your Phoenix web design. It can be overwhelming! If you choose to go with a theme, I will research and find 5-7 themes for you to choose from that will work with your content, your industry, and the functionality that you are needing.

Keep in mind, however, that a theme means the design is already done. So, that aspect will not be changing. What WILL be changing is the content, colors, pictures and logo. I will art direct the theme you choose to match your branding. It is essential that you love the “bones” of it before we begin. Customizing a theme design or functionality will result in extra cost, which sometimes means that you should have gone with a custom design to begin with. You can view some sample themes I have built here.

Custom WordPress Design

A custom website is a good choice if you:

  • Have looked at available theme designs and have not found any designs that suit you.
  • Want a website that is uniquely designed and created for your brand
  • Want full control of the design and layout without restrictions from a template
  • Plan to expand and add to your website over time in terms of functionality

Not every brand can fit into a website theme that was designed for the masses. What if you are a Barbershop that has a nostalgic 1950’s feel? Or a restaurant that was inspired by art deco? Perhaps you are wanting your website to be better tailored to your content while also throwing in some fun design elements that are harder to find with a theme?

Themes are designed to appeal to the masses. Because of this, it is unlikely that you will find a theme that will have the design cues necessary to bring that concept to life online. This is where a custom website design and web development become necessary. 

When I start the design process for a custom site, I begin with a completely blank slate. I start at the top with the logo and navigation and then work my way down to the footer. Every section of the website is artfully considered. Through each step, I am balancing the content with the images. I am dividing the content in a way that can be quickly and easily understood while pairing it with images for visual appeal.

Most importantly, I use this time to begin to develop graphic elements that help to build the brand “toolbox.” The brand “toolbox” consists of items such as iconography, photography style, typography, color palette, and graphic accents/elements. This comes in handy as we move on to other projects such as brochures, marketing materials, etc. so that from website to printed materials, they all feel like they belong to the same brand. You can view some of my past custom Phoenix website designs here.

If you have a brand new domain and a brand new website, Google does not know that you exist yet. There are thousands of new websites submitted to Google daily. It does take some time for the Google bot to crawl your site and start to recognize you. There are some things you can do to speed this process along:

  • Submit your website and sitemap to Google Search Console
  • If you are a local business, sign up for a Google My Business™ profile so you can come up in local business search results in Google maps
  • Create all of your social media profiles that link to your website such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which will also help you start a social media strategy.
  • Start writing regular blog posts. (More on this topic in other FAQ answers)

These are just a few nuggets to get you going. With regular maintenance and fresh content, you should begin to appear organically within 3-6 months. It DOES take time. If you want results NOW, talk to me about an SEO strategy for your business! I can help with SEO integration, local SEO, conversion optimization, and more. Schedule a call and we can find the best SEO services to boost your online presence. 

The best time to start a marketing strategy is in conjunction with your redesign or new web design. When Search engine optimization is started during the design process, we can implement changes and optimizations from the start, eliminating the lag of optimizing your site in pieces and giving you maximum affordability. My effective SEO strategies influence your site structure, content, and optimize your site’s flow, translating to sales landed. Integrating digital marketing in your site build typically heightens your search engine results to help you rank for relevant keywords without an entire SEO strategy. Whether you are a small business owner or an eCommerce CEO, my digital marketing strategies are worth looking into.

Not interested in ongoing marketing efforts? If now isn’t the time for your business to hire a full-service digital agency, give individualized services a try. I offer both SEO packages and customized services to get effective and affordable online marketing. This lets anyone successfully take their business online by giving you exactly what you need to grow, and you can always schedule a strategy consulting session later to discuss more advanced marketing services.

While one-time site optimizations do not promise first-page results, they will help you target keywords and start the on-page SEO process. SEO solutions should be ongoing for the best results, but site and page optimization is a great start. For an affordable price, you can start one of my SEO packages in conjunction with your site. Start your digital strategy with Jen and take your web design Phoenix to the next level.

As your one-stop design shop in Phoenix, AZ, I offer all of the graphic design services needed to go above and beyond traditional marketing. If you don’t already have one, a company logo is a must for any type of corporate branding and digital marketing; for small businesses and eCommerce alike!

To get started, I will have you complete a quick activity. (this is listed on the logo design worksheet in a red box callout) I will ask you to visit and choose 3-5 logos that you like and that you do not like. They do NOT have to be logos that are related to your industry. What I am looking for here is what type of style and visuals you are most attracted to. There is typically a pattern or similarities that arise out of this activity that helps me get a window into your creative side. This activity in combination with the logo design form will provide me enough information to design 3 logos for your business which I will present to you in our design presentation which is typically done as a phone meeting.

Logo design is a form of art, and art is subjective. If you have chosen me as your logo designer, it is likely because you have gone through my logo design portfolio and you like other logos that I have created in the past and can see your business in my portfolio.

I will present to you my 3 logo concepts and you do not want to move forward with any of them and will create a fourth logo design concept for you for an additional fee. In order for me to do this, I need a clear direction or concept on what we are doing with that fourth logo. The three logos that I presented to you were my very best effort at translating all of the information that you gave to me creatively.

Typically, branding packages begin with creating your logo, which is never just a logo. I find it helpful to start with the logo design worksheet which asks a series of questions to help narrow the spectrum when designing your logo so we can focus on logo designs that fit your brand’s personality. I ask questions such as color preference, logo style, and typography among other things to create a design that will give the ultimate impression. Upon completion of the logo, we begin the design of other branding elements such as your brochure, business cards, other physical materials, and of course your web design. In the process of creating these items, we will implement other design elements that allow assets to come to life, such as your expanded color palette, supporting typography, or supporting design elements such as patterns, graphic elements, or icons. Finally, we will finish by fine-tuning your web development services and implementing search engine optimization if you choose to do so. Here, you will either opt into digital marketing services or finish out your branding package, depending on your preference. Contact the top web designer in Phoenix, AZ today and get started on your branding strategy.

We can do a video or Zoom call anytime to discuss branding, marketing, search engine optimization, and web design services. You can schedule a meeting with me HERE.

If you are located near Phoenix, AZ, and want me to come to your office or meet you for coffee, that is always an option. Please note that off-site meetings for new clients are a billable time for both meetings and drive time. This is billed before our first meeting occurs.