Website Design: Ecommerce

Build an online store that converts

Website Design: Ecommerce

Build an online store that converts

Turn shoppers into sales

You’ve got something to sell, and you need sales. A website that communicates clearly, has an easy user experience and is visually stunning will bring in the sales and give you a profitable ROI.

Inventory management & more

Ecommerce websites have tons of tools at your fingertips to make your sales process easy on both you and the customer. Manage inventory, setup auto emails and shipping notifications and more!

Shopify or WordPress?

It’s the question that everyone wants to know. We all have a preference and our reasons why, but as a designer that does not like to be put in a box, WordPress wins all day long.

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Real Reviews from Real People

The reviews don’t lie. Real testimonies from real people. I do what I say I’m going to do. I’m reliable, and available. I don’t ghost people-ever. If you need to talk, let’s talk. Just give me a ring.

What payment processor should I use?

If you are just starting your business using e-commerce, I would suggest you stick with Stripe, Square, or PayPal because they only charge you per transaction, not per transaction + a monthly fee. This is a good way to go while you are first starting out and needing to keep costs low. If you are more established, a payment processor such as is a good choice.

Can you elaborate more on Shopify vs. WordPress?

Shopify is an owned company, and they have their on IP. Therefore, they charge you monthly fees to use their services, and they charge you monthly fees for nearly EVERY add-on or feature you may need for your website. The costs can stack up to be quite high if you are using Shopify as a platform. From a design perspective, in my humble opinion, I think all of their themes look almost identical. You can spot a Shopify website a mile away. Yes. their features are nice, but there is nothing Shopify does that WordPress can’t do.

WordPress is open source. This means it is owned by no one. Because of this you can do ANYTHING in WordPress, no limitations on function or design. Most of the time if you need a plugin, its either free or a one time cost, Sometimes yearly, but still a far cry more economical that Shopify.

All of that said, I will build you a site on whichever platform you prefer.