Restaurant Logo Design

For a flavorful, juicy look

Restaurant Logo Design

For a flavorful, juicy look

Logo design with flavor

If you are a restaurant or food related business-your logo design has to do a lot of talking for you. Do you do breakfast? Gourmet burgers? Let’s make their mouth water before they walk in the door!

Bar Rescue designer since 2019

I was contacted by the producers of Bar Rescue in 2019 to take over the lead design position for all of their menu designs. In 2021 I took over all of the logo designs as well. What you see on my website is a a small potion of everything I have done!

Experience matters

You will be working with a seasoned designer that has worked with top restaurant brands such as Au Bon Pain, October Kitchen, Nutrisystem, Pacific Sushi, Atlantic Social, and Blackwall at the Beach.

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Real Reviews from Real People

The reviews don’t lie. Real testimonies from real people. I do what I say I’m going to do. I’m reliable, and available. I don’t ghost people-ever. If you need to talk, let’s talk. Just give me a ring.

Why should I get a custom illustration logo?

Custom illustrations are some of my favorite projects because you are creating an identity that is so unique and one of a kind. The illustrations have so much personality and zing to them, they are so memorable! You can evoke any kind of theme, feeling or emotion when doing a logo this way. Typically the custom illustrations are used when creating a mascot of some sort, but I have also done them for many other types of applications.

Do I get full ownership and rights to my logo design?

Absolutely! I do not reserve rights or take ownership of any of the work that I create for m clients. I will always give you all of your files, color palettes and anything else you need to move forward. Please do make sure you save your files somewhere that is easily accessible to you because I guarantee that I will store your files for up to one year, but after that it is up to you.

Does my logo design have to say exactly what my company does?

No, it does not. This is a common misconception that as soon as someone looks at your logo they have to instantly know what your company does. If that was the case, then Nike would be selling check marked boxes and target would be holding archery contests. Your logo design is just one component of your brand, and it never stands alone. It is always accompanied by a website, brochure, business card or anything else that communicates the purpose of your company.