This is your one stop design shop website design + graphic design phoenix Web Design
This is your one stop design shop website design + graphic design phoenix Web Design

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Need a Logo Design?We’ll fix that with your tailor-made Phoenix logo design by Jen.Nike’s swish, golden arches of McDonald’s, and the red target circle from Target- these are logos instantly recognizable by almost anyone in the U.S., even without you adding information about it. An outstanding logo brings that much influence. People will not associate a red target with Walmart. If you have launched a Phoenix business without its logo design, it’s best to make one now. A distinctive, unforgettable, and relatable logo design should accomplish a fine job.5 Things to Consider In Making Your Phoenix Logo Design
The Purpose of the Logo
Your clients should relate your logo to your business. You don’t have to go word for word; instead, try to induce your client into going back to you whenever they look at it. For instance, the scales of justice don’t have to appear in the logo design for your Phoenix law office. Your industry will have much of that image in their logo, and you don’t want that. (Why? See the fourth part.)
The Emphasis of the Business
Different products and services serve varying markets, which the logo should emphasize. Are your goods for pets or professionals? Is your business a wacky novelty shop or a no-nonsense legal firm? Major conglomerate or local company? Families gravitate to a different logo compared to medical and accounting professionals. Realizing your logo’s tone is a significant step in its design.
Your Design Preferences
We need good communication to work harmoniously. It will be best to let me know about you, your business, and your preferred colors and imageries. Logo design is a biased artform, so I may need more specific details to avoid missing your point. Define to me your inclinations without pressure, so I may take them down and initialize your Phoenix logo design.
The Logo Colors
Don’t put too much attention on the “emotions” and “human representation” of colors. Your logo’s color should depict your business, so it is better to research your industry and competition. Try something different from the rest to be noticeable. Aim for uniqueness and catchiness rather than blend in and be of the same color as with everybody.
Text or Icon
Many of my new clients feel the need for an icon with their business name, but only having text doesn’t have to worry you. There are plenty of accomplished corporations that only uses typography in their logo, like Amazon. But what’s smart is the tiny arrow under shaped like a smile connecting A to Z. Same with the white space in FedEx between E and X shaped like an arrow. They show the simplicity yet cleverness of a typographic logo.
Final note- don’t overburden your logo design. Your logo will never be by itself anyways. It shows on a website, business card, or brochure together with descriptions and information to reveal your story.
If you’re eager to begin your Phoenix logo design, arrange for a meeting by calling at 623-476-7394 or email me today.

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