Process Questions

Can we Meet in Person?
I would be happy to meet you in person at my office in Verrado (Buckeye). Off-site meetings for new clients are billable time for both meeting and drive time. This is billed before our first meeting occurs. Video meetings are always an option and can be just as effective.

What is your turnaround time?
10-14 days. If you need your project done sooner, a $75 rush fee applies and it will be done in 5 business days or sooner.

Do you do this fulltime?
Yes. All day long M-F 8-5. Sometimes evenings. Sometimes weekends. Though I really REALLY try not to because I am a mother of 3 and let’s face it-parenting is a lot of work. Plus these people are only going to be small and adorable for so long so I’m trying to enjoy them now while they still like me. But-sometimes, stuff just has to get done.

What is your Process?

  1. An initial phone consult is scheduled so we can cover the details of your project and how I can be of help.
  2. A proposal is drafted which will cover the scope of work, including timelines, client/designer expectations and payment.
  3. An invoice will be sent for the deposit. Work does not begin until payment has been received.
  4. Once the contract + payment has been received, I will add you to my fancy to-do list.
  5. A design presentation will be scheduled for us to review the work together through a conference call.
  6. Once the project has been approved I will prepare and package all art files that you will need to use for any application.

How do I pay?
2 ways.

  1. When I send my invoice there is a link to pay online through a paypal e-check. It does NOT accept credit cards.
  2. A paper check through the mail

If credit card is the only way to pay, I can send a different type of invoice, but paypal transaction fees will be included.

Are you taking new clients?
Yes. Always.  I never turn down a new client unless I am absolutely slammed and you want your project done yesterday. The only other exception is if it something that is out of my wheelhouse-which is rare.

Do you charge by hour or by project?
Most of the time by project. After doing this for so long, I have a pretty good grasp on how long something is going to take me so I will quote you a project cost and I will stick to it. The only time I do not stick to it is if  YOU don’t stick to it. For example: Say you want a postcard. I design this postcard and I include 2 rounds of revisions. After the 2nd round you decide you want to completely change the design or you want to change the size, the content etc. Now we are going by the hour, which is $60/hr.

Other examples of when I would charge by the hour is if you are an established client and you are want to make some text updates to your website.

How many changes do I get?
I include 2 rounds of changes for every project. Each change beyond that is billed in 15 minute increments (which is $15). MOST changes I get are only 15 minutes so just assume $15 for each round of additional changes. ( A round could be: change this color, move that picture and make that bigger)

Web Design Phoenix Questions:

Can you explain HTML website vs. WordPress Website Vs. Template WordPress Website?
Yes. Are you ready? Here we go:

HTML Website Design:
This is the way websites were built way back when. Its tried and true! You are still getting a custom design from me. I will give you two designs to choose from. It will be a mobile responsive website. You WILL have the ability to make your own text and image edits. I will give you a login for your site and you will view it just as you normally do, except you can modify your text and image. You WON’T be able to change: Header, footer, or contact forms or add/delete pages. Take a look at my HTML Website examples on my site here.

You will not have the ability to blog. This is not a feature available to HTML yet but hopefully one day!

P.S. The website that you are reading this on is an HTML website.

WordPress Template:
It’s the happy medium. You get a blog. You can change whatever you want. Its great! Except one thing: It’s a template. Now, maybe you find a template that you just love. Its perfect. Its you. That’s great! Let’s do it. Or…you find a template that you mostly like but want to see changes. Great. I can do that too…but if you are going to start changing a template, you might as well go with a custom design. I do a LOT of websites. I have NEVER had a client be unhappy with a custom design. I HAVE had clients unhappy with a template. Even though it is exactly what they choose, top to bottom. The only thing I can determine from that is this: clients choose me because they like my portfolio, and even though they have picked a template, there is some back of their mind expectation that the template will somehow turn into something that feels like the work on my site. It won’t. It’s going to look just like how you picked it. Ok?

Custom WordPress Web Design
This is the best of all worlds because not only do you get a custom design that is uniquely and completely yours, but you also are able to blog, and have full control over making any future changes, edits and upgrades to your website. Since this is a custom website, there are no restrictions on what you can do, change or add. This is a website that is built to grow with you. Take a look at my custom wordpress website design page to view examples of what I have done for other businesses.

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?
A mobile responsive website flexes to fit every device and screen. Google is actively ranking sites higher that are mobile ready and given the amount of people that are searching online with their phones, there is absolutely no way you can go without this. Besides, every website I build has this, so don’t worry about it.

How quickly will my website come up in google search results?
It depends. But at least 3-6 months. Google bots have to crawl and index your site. There are some things you can do to help things along like creating a google business page to get you on google maps. Sign up for websites like Yelp, and create your social media pages. Social media is now an integral part to appearing to Google that you are a brand, not just a website. Blog. Content is still king and probably always will be. Write 1-2 blogs per week and you will be golden. Google loves fresh content. Those are just a few tidbits I can share. I have never paid for SEO and you still found me right?

Logo Design Process

How does logo design work?

  1. Before starting the creative freedom package, there is a logo design form that I ask to be filled out along with examples of your likes and dislikes to help guide me in the right direction and narrow the path a bit. That gives me a enough information to produce logos that will appeal to your sense of style.
  2. Next I will send you a proposal for the work which will outline the process. I ask that you sign and return this to me.
  3. After the proposal is sent back I will send you an invoice for the deposit. Once this has been received you are now on my project to do list.

What if I get the three logos (Creative Freedom Package) and I dont like any of them?
This rarely occurs. However we have to remember that logos are art and art is subjective. In these cases, I would ask for very specific direction from you so that I can create a 4th option which is $75.