Dog & Pet Logo Design

Tail wagging logo design!

Dog & Pet Logo Design

Tail wagging logo design!

Not another silhouette logo

I have seen a LOT of dog logos. One thing that is terribly common is a dog silhouette. Sometimes this approach works, but sometimes you need more from your dog logo design. You don’t need to settle for dog logo templates or a generic logo generator. Check out the custom dog illustrations that have been done below!

A Dog*Biz Partner since 2013

I have been a referral partner for Dog*Biz since early in my freelance designer career, giving me over a decade of experience with pet and dog logos. I have easily done 200+ logos and websites for dog and pet-related businesses. I create dog and pet logos that inspire curiosity and spark interest to give your brand the most effect from your logo design.

I am your branding guru

Once I complete your pet logo design, there is more work to be done! Paint the full branding picture with all of the design services you could wish for. Work with me on website design, business cards, and more to help yo an engaging brand.


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The reviews don’t lie. Real testimonies from real people. I do what I say I’m going to do. I’m reliable, and available. I don’t ghost people-ever. If you need to talk, let’s talk. Just give me a ring.

Tailor made pet & dog logo design

My pet logo designs are created especially for you and your business. I will send you my logo design worksheet to start with so we can narrow down the spectrum a bit to hone in on exactly what needs to be considered in the creation of your logo. Once completed, I will create three logo designs for you to choose from, and I include two rounds of changes for you. All final logo files are provided: jpg, png and eps (vector) files.

One of a kind logo design

There is so much opportunity with a logo design in the pet industry. So many times people default to just the standard silhouette, dog paws or hearts. These strategy has been done so many times over and over again I don’t know how you would ever be able to tell the difference between them all. Get creative! Show some personality with your own personal dog, cat, horse, whatever it is that your business caters to! Have a theme that helps you stand apart! You can be so much more than just “clean” or “modern”. Everyone does that. Be retro, vintage, hyper color, grunge, you name it! Let’s do it!

Can I get a logo with my dog Fido?

You sure can! One of my favorite things to do is create a logo around your best friend! Look to my logo design packages package C, Custom Illustration.

Do you do more than just logo design?

Yes! Think of me as your one stop design shop. I can provide everything your brand needs in both print and digital form. Soup to nuts, I am your source for logo design, website design, marketing materials and print design (graphic design) and more.