Logo Design Packages

See which logo design package best fits your needs

Logo Design Packages

See which logo design package best fits your needs


Design Assistance


For businesses that have an idea or drawing that needs to be brought to the finish line.

You provide the logo idea. I create it.

2 rounds of changes included

Final logo files: JPG, PNG, EPS


Creative Freedom


For business owners that are open to fresh, new ideas.

Complete my logo design worksheet

3 logos to choose from

2 rounds of changes on 1 selected design

Final logo files: JPG, PNG, EPS


Custom Illustration


Custom, hand drawn art to achieve a likeness, character or drawing

Step 1: Sketches

Step 2: Final drawing

Step 3: Add color

Step 4: Add typography

Final logo files: JPG, PNG, EPS

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How do we get started on a logo design?

First we need to determine if you are doing the design assistance, creative freedom or custom illustration package.

If you are doing the design assistance package, please send me your ideas or your sketch of what you are wanting and I can take it from there. If I need further clarification, we can hop on a call or potentially work it out through email.

If you choose to go with the creative freedom package I will send you my logo design worksheet to fill out. This is a simple, two-page fillable PDF that asks a series of questions to help narrow the creative field in terms of style, color, fonts, and iconography for your custom logo.In addition to this, there is a quick activity that I have you do to simplify the logo design process. (this is listed on the logo design worksheet in a red box callout) I will ask you to visit logopond.com and choose 3-5 logos that you like and 3-5 logos you do not like. They do NOT have to be logos that are related to your industry. What I am looking for here is what type of style and visuals you are most attracted to. There is typically a pattern or similarities that arise out of this activity that helps me get a window into your creative side. This activity in combination with the logo design form will provide me with enough information to design 3 logos for your business which I will present to you in our design presentation which is typically done as a phone meeting.

The custom illustration package we will dive a little deeper into the “weeds” or details on exactly what kind of character or drawing you are looking for, in addition to illustration or rendering style.

Once these details are worked out, I will send a proposal that outlines the work, followed by an invoice and your project will be booked.

Can I use my logo font absolutely everywhere?

No. This is not a good branding practice. The font that is used for your logo should be used exclusively for your logo. The reason for this is that you do not want to dilute your logo by using that same font face for every headline and body copy. It stops the logo from being “SPECIAL.” Look around. Take a look at some of the top recognized consumer brands today. Starbucks. Nike. Apple. Target. The font in their logo is NOT the font that is used in their marketing materials, websites, or packaging. Instead, they choose complementary fonts that become an extension of their branding toolbox.

Let’s talk about fonts.

As a general rule, I DO NOT use fonts that come free on your computer or with programs like Microsoft word. These fonts are generic fonts that anyone and everyone has access to.

The same goes for free font sites such as dafont or fontsquirrel. I have a font library of 3500+ fonts and all of them have been purchased or licensed throughout my career. Believing that fonts that are used for a logo or branding should be unique and special. I would never use Times New Roman or Arial as a font for a logo. Every time I start a logo or branding project, I go through all of my fonts to find the right one for that project. Sometimes, I need to go find a font for a project if I don’t have anything in my library that suits the project. What I am getting at here is that fonts are important. Fonts are special and they help tell a story. So let’s make sure that we are being thoughtful about them and not use Calibri as our brand font. 🙂

Will you refund me if I do not like your logo designs?

No. By the time I have presented to you my logo designs, many hours have gone into your project and communicating with you to help me with my design process. Please know that I will do absolutely everything within my creative power to deliver to you a logo that you will rave about. I want you to be happy!

Please communicate. Please respond to emails and questions so I can fix or remedy whatever it is that you need to be happy with your logo. I cannot help if you do not reply to emails or return phone calls.