Of course my answer is no, but allow me to elaborate.

Again. The Wild West (see above question). Designers come in all different “sorts”. Many of them struggle with communication. Many of them leave the freelance life because they don’t have enough clients to support themselves.

I have ZERO intentions of going back to a 9-5 job. I started my company over 8 years ago and have never looked back. There are two things that have made me successful

  1. I communicate. I answer the phone, I reply to emails and texts. And do not leave people hanging. This is the BIGGEST problem with designers. They just “disappear”. I am passionate about what I do, I take my clients and my business very seriously. If you need to talk to me right now and email isn’t fast enough, call me! As long as I am not on the phone with someone else, I WILL pick up the phone. 623-476-7394.
  2. I combine design with development. Here is something you should know. A designer is NOT a developer. A developer is NOT a designer (ever). These are two completely different parts of the brain at work. You need the left and the right side. If you work with just a developer and tell them to put a theme together, they will do it, but how will it look? Did they notice that the photo makes the text harder to read? Did they break up the text into smaller pieces so that the user will actually take the time to read it? Do they hand-select the fonts so there are variations in size and weight to give it more visual interest than just plain Arial font? No to all of that. They put it together, called it good, and gave you a website that is completely boring. This is why you need a designer. The designer does all of that, and MORE to turn that “blah” into beautiful.