As a business owner in 2022, it may feel like the world’s weight is on your shoulders. Creating a brand, putting your new business out there, and hoping it gains traction is highly stressful. But, you can do a few things to take some of the pressure off launching, establishing, or re-branding a business. The first is finding the ideal logo design process to represent your brand.

Building Brand Identity With Professional Designers

Never underestimate the value of a professional designer. Graphic designers like myself, who have been doing custom logo projects for over a decade, carry an essential perspective that takes your brand identity to a new level. They’ll work with your preferences to find a logo design that you and your customers can fall in love with. With logo builders, you’re stuck with one of their unoriginal designs, which various businesses have undoubtedly used before you find it.

Designers offer excellent input that helps your new logo target and attract clients or customers on the first impression. After all, what good is a logo design that falls flat? I’ve worked with various businesses, from big brand names to owners/operators, trying to make a living as their own boss. While a custom design may cost more than whatever you find online, you’ll be glad you worked with a professional; especially when your logo design will follow you for years or decades.

Why Go With A Logo Package?

Professional designers often provide custom logo design as a package, which serves a few purposes, including:

One-On-One Collaborations

A major perk of working with real graphic designers is getting to ask questions, send examples of what you like, and voice preferences that could make or break the logo design. That’s what makes a truly custom logo design!

Design Revisions

With many of the logo builders out there, design revisions are not a thing. Others offer unlimited revisions but do that matter if all they give you is generic social media graphics and basic logos? A custom logo design package includes revisions that grasp your vision to effectively build a brand identity.

Personalized To Your Brand

Designers are trained to pick up on your preferences and apply them to your logo design. While you may need to fine-tune your logo design to perfection, this takes a lot of hassle out of the process.

Consistently High-Quality

Offering a logo package that includes everything for a successful build-out gives business owners a flat, affordable price while ensuring they are set up for success. Logo design packages include various logo designs for you to choose from, multiple rounds of revisions, and all the final files you’ll need to get started.

Room For Growth

Working with multiple designers, platforms, and programs can quickly become a headache. When building a full brand identity, staying consistent with your graphic designer is best. Many of my clients return for branding packages, which offer services like business cards, banners, and website design.

Creating an effective, engaging brand identity doesn’t have to struggle when you have a partner who can bring your vision to life. Schedule a call with me today, and let’s start your custom logo design.

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How Can A Custom Logo Design Help Build Brand Identity

A custom design offers something your audience has never seen before, sparking interest and creating a lasting impression. In most cases, your logo design is the first impression your business will get, which makes it a pretty big deal. Logo designs are applied to business card designs, tradeshow booth designs, and other brand identity materials.

Can I Bundle Website Design With A Custom Logo Design?

I love working with small business owners to create an affordable, customized branding package. It can be difficult to complete the business startup process, but my package options make things easier. Let’s chat and discuss how we can build your brand identity.

Do You Help With Small Business Startups?

With over a decade as a graphic designer, I’ve picked up a lot about branding. From your custom logo design to physical ad materials, website design, and search engine optimization, I have you covered. Contact me today so we can throw some ideas around.

Do You Offer Unlimited Logo Design Concepts?

The short answer is no. Each logo design package comes with two rounds of revisions included. 99.9% of the time this is more than enough. Once you have filled out my logo design worksheet and completed the short activity that I will send you to do, this gives me enough information to give you three solid logo design concepts.