You may have stumbled across an article or been a part of a conversation where it is said that WordPress is not as secure as other platforms. The basis behind this school of that is that because WordPress is so popular, it is more likely to be hacked. WordPress is the number one platform for building web sites and applications, so for that reason it becomes the number one target. However, as long as you do the items on the following list, security is of minimal concern with WordPress.

  1. Use high-quality premium plugins.
  2. Ensure that these plugins are updated frequently.
  3. Use a high quality, well-coded theme that is updated frequently.
  4. Don’t use a popular theme. Custom-built themes are best.
  5. Do not use a shared server. A dedicated server is the best option.
  6. Harden the WordPress installation.
  7. Backup server frequently.
  8. Use SSL.
  9. Limit login attempts and use 2-factor authentication.
  10. Require strong passwords.

WordPress is maintained by a large community of highly professional coders, testers, and developers who produce updates, security patches, and new features on a regular basis. Apart from that, the platform is also based on industry standards and fully-tested technology like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript.

What You Get When you Build A Custom WordPress Theme with Jen Chapman Creative

We follow best practices to build custom-built themes that while still using a framework have a history of being safe and secure. Our custom themes have never been hacked.

The bottom line

No CMS or technology, including WordPress, is or can ever be 100 percent safe. It is a matter of using the best practices for whatever platform is used.

Scaling and cost

It is arguable whether WordPress can scale to the needs of larger companies. There are currently many large companies that operate on WordPress. One main benefit of using WordPress is the ability to fairly quickly and cost-effectively build a robust and feature-rich web site.

While costs to build a custom WordPress application run from $3000-$30,000, other platforms tend to be 3-5 times the cost and turn-around time.

When a custom theme is built for you, we focus on the features and needs of the site. There is no code bloat in our custom WordPress themes because it is built specifically for you. The plugins that we use are selected based on your specific needs and we ensure that they have high-quality coding.

Custom Websites are different

A custom theme solution is NOT taking a theme and customizing it to match your needs. It is a fully custom-built theme that has real value and ensures that you are not tied to an outside theme vendor.

While the site is custom it is still based on a coding standard. This means that any qualified WordPress / PHP developer would be able to open our themes and either alter or extend the functionality fairly easily.