Scottsdale, Arizona is widely known as one of the most prestigious areas to visit in Arizona. The city is well-known for its spa resorts, golf courses and fine dining. Because of this, many may think that this is great place to find prestigious business and Scottsdale Web Designers.

But not so fast.

What does location have to do with finding a great website designer?

Nothing, really. A designer that is based in Phoenix can be just as talented as Scottsdale web designers. In fact, their prices may be much better because there is not a “zip code surcharge”.

When you are selecting your website designer, the best litmus test is to look at their portfolio.

  • Do all of the websites generally look the same?
  • Do they seem to favor a particular industry?
  • Do the websites look modern and easy to navigate?
  • Do they have good google reviews?

To make sure that your project goes smoothly, ask your website designer some of these questions:

  • Do you provide training after the website is migrated? (Jen Chapman Creative does!)
  • Do you provide maintenance services? (I do!)
  • Will you provide support after the site is complete if I get stuck (Jen Chapman does!)

Your website is an investment into your business, so you want to make sure that your Scottsdale Web Designers or anywhere designers are the right ones for you!

One final and important thought on the topic of website design and development. Finding someone to work with that is local to you has huge benefits.

    • You are on the same timezone
  • You can meet them in person-the real person behind the computer
  • If you have a problem with the project-you will more easily be able to “track them down” instead of “someone that lives in india”

I would love to speak with you about your Phoenix website design project. Call me at 623-476-7394 or book a call with me here:

Good luck out there!