Are you looking to build a business website but don’t know how much will it cost or where to start? Not a problem! This website development cost guide will show you what to expect from your web development project.


To reach customers effectively in 2022, you need a business website! With the world evolving each day, almost every business is going digital. Generating website visitors will directly impact your revenue, so, creating a website for your business is crucial. However, you need to choose the right option for website development that suits both your pocket and requirements.


Typical Website Development Costs

The range of website development costs in 2022 is extremely broad, as it depends on the size of your business, the complexity of the website, and the maintenance cost. The typical cost of a small business website is between $100 (if you want to attempt building your own website) and $5,000. When it comes to elaborate, large-scale websites, your final website cost could be in the tens of thousands.

Now, what are your options for building a business website? Let’s check them out.


Options for Creating a Website

Different website development options will have a dramatically different cost to build; and a very different outcome. Let’s see how the costs vary with the options.


Using A Website Builder

If you own a small business and don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your site, using a website builder could work. Doing it yourself will take a day (or two, or three, or ten) out of your busy schedule, but at least you will save web development.

There are a bunch of platforms like and Squarespace that allow you to create your website with a website builder program. Most website builders offer free hosting with your annual subscription and there is no website development skill required, so it’s a seemingly great option.

When you take a deeper look at website builders though, you’ll see that your options are pretty limited, and search engines will pay less attention. The code behind website builders is much bulkier and you are limited to the plugins offered by that program.


Build an In-House Team

Building an in-house team is costly, and you should go for this option only if you have a highly complex website to develop that is going to take a lot of time. A lot of time refers to a few years.

This option will skyrocket your website development and design costs, so it’s really only feasible if you have several sites or run an eCommerce website that requires constant maintenance.


Hire a Website Development Agency

You might already have guessed that this option is going to be pretty expensive. When you work with a big website development agency, you’re another number, and they want that number to be high enough to be worth their time. So, for a complex website, your website development cost could be significant.

You may be wondering why you should pay $500 extra to an agency rather than hiring a freelancer directly? The reason is the low-risk factor. A reputable agency is usually a more refined option, but freelance web designers like Jen Chapman offer a lower website development cost, more personal experience, and a business website that will impress!


Hire a Freelancer

This option is not as expensive as having a website development team and you receive the same capabilities. Whether you are looking for a basic business website or a full eCommerce website project, it will cost a lot less than hiring an agency or team. So, it’s just the perfect option for you if your website is not too complex to be dealt with by a freelance developer. Check out Jen’s freelance web development and design packages!


Things to Consider

To choose the right option for developing your website, you need to consider the following things.



If you are low on budget, you can attempt using a DIY website builder, but keep in mind that you may be limiting your potential. If you have no budget constraints, it’s recommended to hire a freelancer unless you are eager to hike up your website development costs.


If you want to build just a normal website, you should stick to DIY because it doesn’t require too much expertise. But, if you want to build a highly customized website, you should hire a professional website builder. After all, your website has the potential to change your business, so spending on development costs now could have a dramatic difference. Custom website development is more dynamic and can take you from a simple site to something amazing!



While you try to trim down your development costs, remember that a basic website is going to have minimal features available. Custom website development costs may be higher but your website’s functionality is nothing to skimp on. If you plan to maintain an interactive, custom website, steer clear of the website builder.


What’s Your Best Option?

Nobody likes dealing with website development but it’s a necessary evil if you want to evolve your business in 2022. Building a custom website makes it easier for search engines to recognize your business and unlocks endless options.