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Why a custom Phoenix web design is better then any other

Using a template for your website is probably really tempting. Some are completely free, and you don’t have to know any coding. All you do is fill in the blanks. What’s wrong with that? Some of the drawbacks to a template are pretty obvious—your website will look like every other site that used the template. But there are a number of drawbacks you don’t see right away. The benefits of a fully customized Phoenix website design simply blow away any benefit you get from using a template. Sure, templates are easy, but that ease comes at a price.

Your business is growing-but your website template can’t keep up

A website design is an ever-evolving project. Services need to be added, pages removed, a new location has been opened. These are just some scenarios that you may run into. But how easy is it to make those modifications to the template? Every template is different, so it is hard to say.

A pretty clear cut example however is the addition of an ecommerce store. Say you own a hair salon. When you opened that business all you needed was a website that said what you do, where you are located and a little about you. But NOW you want to sell some hair products online. But wait! The template you chose does not support ecommerce so now you have to pay buckets of cash to add that feature in, and hope that it doesn’t break the theme with every update in the process.

Making changes can be…sometimes not so easy

Don’t like the small space they give your logo? Want to add a google map? Not satisfied with how the template responds on mobile devices?

Well too bad.

These types of changes require modifications to the hard code-something you probably don’t know how to do! Anything can be changed or modified-but again its likely you need a developer for this. And prices vary. And….not all developers are created equal. But that’s another conversation for a different time.

The thing is, changing a logo size or adding a map on custom site may take fifteen minutes or less. But on a template-well it’s really unknown. Sometimes if you end up customizing a template by the time you are done you may as well just done a custom website design to begin with.

Theme Updates=Disaster

Template websites developers push out updates to the templates and themes they sell. However, if you have done customization to that template-an update may erase all of your work or crash the site completely (or some features of it) and send you scrambling. \ You may not even notice that something is askew until someone asks about it, which can be embarrassing for your business.

The WORST thing that can happen is your developer stops creating updates for you theme. This is a recipe for disaster because eventually your website theme is going to break, things are going to start to look weird, and you will be forced to either change themes or start from scratch. This is a worst case scenario, but it can happen.

Rest easy with a custom website design that you own and love

If you have a custom WordPress website design, push these fears aside. A custom site is built from the ground up-created to look JUST like you want it to look without being put in a corner on size or space. It will function exactly how you need it to-add and remove features with ease! And-the best part of all is you don’t have to worry about some developer that you never met or talked to messing with your website with site updates or lack thereof.

Let’s start the conversation on how I can design and develop the website of your dreams Contact me today if you’d like to learn more about how I can help you, or call me at 623-476-7394 to find out more!