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Why Work With a Freelance Logo Designer?

If you are starting a business, the first thing that may come to your mind is, “I need a logo design”. So, now what? Should you work with an agency, a freelance logo designer, or an online logo maker? Let’s break it down.

Working with an Agency

Working with an agency can give you a sense of confidence. Agencies have the fancy offices, the super cool websites and all of the smiling faces to welcome you to the conference room. They have a large portfolio of their past work, many brands you may recognize, so you feel good about your partnership to work with them.

Until you see the quote.

Working with an agency will be your most expensive option because they have the most mouths to feed and the biggest overhead. You are not just paying for the person to design your logo. You are paying for the account manager, the CEO, the receptionist, the nightly cleaning crew. Meanwhile, the person who is actually designing your logo at the agency is getting the smallest piece of the pie for the work.

Working with a freelance logo designer

Freelancers come from all sorts of backgrounds, but mainly they are ex-agency workers who learned the ropes, worked the crazy hours and decided it would be best for their sanity and sleep schedule to try it on their own. So think of it this way: when you hire a freelance logo designer, you are likely working with the person from the agency anyway! But a fraction of the cost.

Working with an online logo maker

For many people, this is a quick and easy solution. You type in what your business is and get a plethora of logos to choose from. The all seem great, except for one thing. These are stock logos that ANYONE can use. This logo will not be unique to your business at all. A business in your same town could use the same logo. While its cheap and quick, it is not a good long term solution if you plan on scaling your business and making a recognizable brand for your business.

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