Logo Design Jen Chapman

Phoenix Logo Design, No Logo?

Let’s change that today with a Phoenix custom logo design by Jen.
McDonald’s golden arches. The Nike swish. Target’s red, well, target. You can show just about anyone in the U.S. one of these logos without any text, product, or other information, and they will know exactly what you’re talking about. That’s the power of an amazing logo. No one is going to see that red target and think you’re talking about Walmart. If you’ve started a business without a logo, it’s time to change that. A logo design that does its job is memorable, unique, and feels like you.

5 questions to think about for your next Phoenix logo design

What’s the tone of your business or product?

Are you a super serious law firm, or are you a kooky gift shop? Do you make products for pets or for professionals? Are you a local business or a major corporation? The markets for these businesses are all going to be different, and the logo needs to reflect that. Parents and kids are going to be attracted to different logos than doctors and accountants. Deciding on the tone you want your logo to convey is step number one in designing it.

What colors do you want to use?

Don’t take too much stock in color charts that suggest that a certain color means “this emotion” or “this type of person”. The color needs to feel right for your business, not be dictated by some online chart that swears that yellow means intelligence or that blue means trust and peace. Instead, I suggest looking at both your industry and your competitors. If you are a hospital, and every other hospital is using blue, then why not use orange? Standing out from the crowd is a good thing when it comes to branding. You want to be memorable and different that is the kind of brand that triggers recall-not just another blue logo in a sea of blue logos.

What’s your logo’s job?

Your logo’s job is to go through and connect you to your audience. This does not mean you need to have something that is a literal representation of who you are. Instead, it needs to evoke something within your audience that will consistently tie them back to you when they see it. For example, just because you are a law firm does not mean that you have to have the scales of justice represented in your logo design. Plus it’s a pretty good bet everyone else in your industry does too. (which you don’t want, see above point)

Typography only or icon?

Do not be afraid of a logo that is just text. Many of my new clients feel compelled that they must have an icon next to their name. But remember, there are many successful companies that use typography as the main or only part of their logo. Think about Amazon, for example. The trick to their logo is that little arrow under the letters that connects the A to the Z and is shaped as a smile. In FedEx, look at the white space between the E and the x. See the hidden arrow there? Typography can be simple, modern and smart.

What do you really want from your logo?

For us to work well together, communication is key. The more you can tell me about you, your business, what colors you hate, what images your love-the better. Logo design is a form of art, and it is subjective. If you give me a broad brush to paint with I may or may not hit the nail on the head. But if you take the time to narrow the field and describe to me what you have in your heart, chances are that I can put that to paper and set you on your way with a logo design you love.

Last thing-don’t put too much on the shoulders of your logo design. If you think about it, your logo is never alone. Your logo design will always appear on a website, a business card, or a brochure where it will be surrounded by descriptions that help complete the story you are trying to tell.

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