If you choose to go with the creative freedom package I will send you my logo design worksheet to fill out. This is a simple, two-page fillable PDF that asks a series of questions to help narrow the creative field in terms of style, color, fonts and iconography.

In addition to this, there is a quick activity that I have you do. (this is listed on the logo design worksheet in a red box callout) I will ask you to visit logopond.com and choose 3-5 logos that you like and 3-5 logos you do not like. They do NOT have to be logos that are related to your industry. What I am looking for here is what type of style and visuals you are most attracted to. There is typically a pattern or similarities that arise out of this activity that help me get a window into your creative side. This activity in combination with the logo design form will provide me enough information to design 3 logos for your business which I will present to you in our design presentation which is typically done as a phone meeting.