Website design and development is the wild west. There is a full spectrum out there that range from the self-taught IT guy to the ex-agency freelancer to a full-service design firm. All of them “could” deliver to you the same (or somewhat similar) final product, but each of them will be wildly different in pricing.

First, you should know that I spent the first 10+ years of my career working for various agencies. I currently sub-contract for a variety of agencies both in and outside of Arizona. You ARE getting the expertise of an agency-trained designer.

If you are getting quoted $10-$20k for a simple business website it is because you are talking to an agency. Agencies have overhead. A LOT of overhead. You are not just paying for the designer and developer. You are paying for the creative director, the account manager, the new business sales department, and the accounting department, just to name a few.

My pricing is the way it is because I run a lean team. A website project consists of me + my developer. This does a few things for you

  • Gives you fair, affordable pricing to get a beautiful website
  • Gets your project done faster than working with an agency because there are not 10 different people and layers to get to the same solution
  • Gives you direct access to your designer without having to go through an account manager. (Speaking from experience here-account managers tend to water down great design. So before you even get to see it-it’s already been changed by someone who is NOT a designer and has NO design training. Rant over.)