As a general rule, I DO NOT use fonts that come free on your computer or with programs like Microsoft word. These fonts are generic fonts that anyone and everyone has access to.

The same goes for free font sites such as dafont or fontsquirrel. I have a font library of 3500+ fonts and all of them have been purchased or licensed throughout my career. Believing that fonts that are used for a logo or branding should be unique and special. I would never use Times New Roman or Arial as a font for a logo. Every time I start a logo or branding project, I go through all of my fonts to find the right one for that project.

Sometimes, I need to go find a font for a project if I don’t have anything in my library that suits the project. What I am getting at here is that fonts are important. Fonts are special and they help tell a story. So let’s make sure that we are being thoughtful about them and not use Calibri as our brand font. 🙂