The Importance of Professional Phoenix Catalog Design

If you have a large number of products you sell in a brick and mortar business, by mail, or on your website, having a professional catalog advertising these products is vital to your business. While it’s true that mail-order catalogs are no longer as popular as they once were, the idea isn’t completely dead. This practice is still popular, especially with businesses selling direct to retailers at trade shows and other similar events. Like many other aspects of business today, catalogs are now distributed digitally.

Why bother with catalog design?

Don’t rely on remedial programs like Microsoft Word or Paint to design your catalog. To really brand your catalog design, make it user friendly, easy to read and beautiful-you need to use a program like Adobe InDesign.

If you have not used this program before-that is where hiring a graphic designer comes into play. A designer that knows their stuff can set up master pages, style sheets, page numbering and bleeds with ease. Catalog design takes organization, not just good looks in order for it to be successful.

A professional Phoenix catalog designer lays out all of your products in a uniform manner that’s easy to read and understand. Products include a description, images, prices, and other related information. The products can also be arranged into sections that make it very easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Each section can have its own unique feel to it while still being part of an overall cohesive publication.

Don’t forget the details! The bottom of each page is a perfect opportunity to put in your website, phone number and any offers you may have such as free shipping.

Need a beautiful catalog design?

Are you searching for a creative Phoenix freelance graphic designer for your catalog design? You’ve come to the right place. Catalog design happens to be my favorite type of project to work on! Just send me the content and the images and I can take it from there.

When working on catalog design projects, I find that it is easiest if I share a dropbox folder with you so that we can easily share files between us. Ideally, we would want to create a folder for each category that houses a word document for the content and all of the images for that category so that there is no confusion on what goes where.

The trick about catalog design is that you need to have an organized system, but yet vary it enough that you can still keep the design interesting. I have lots of ideas, so lets get this project started! Email me, or you can contact me by phone at 623-476-7394, with any questions you may have.